The Right Bridal Jewelry for The Right Dress

The Right Bridal Jewelry for The Right Dress

Brides everywhere have the discussion about wedding jewelry and many question what would be The Right Bridal Jewelry for The Right Dress.

First and foremost, please do not over-accessorize.  The last thing you want to look like is your 5-year-old niece who spent all day playing Pretty Pretty Princess.  If you want to make a statement, choose one part of the body to accentuate with a large piece, and balance the remainder with items which complement that piece.  For a traditional wedding, you are always safe should you decide to go with a simply earrings and bracelet combo.

Bridal jewelry is often an afterthought during the wedding planning process and many brides opt to grab at the last minute basic Costume Jewelry just to fulfill their requirement for bridal jewelry.  We believe that your bridal jewelry should match the quality of your dress.  Fashion or Costume Jewelry could never replace the quality of Custom Designed Bridal Jewelry.

We prefer to work alongside the bride and her bridal party on their special day to help complete the look by creating unique designs featuring Austrian Swarovski Crystals, Czech Glass, Semiprecious Gemstones and Freshwater or Cultured Pearls.  We don’t believe you should compromise style and quality on an occasion so important to a bride.  We aim to create a look of classic beauty ensuring that you would enjoy pictures for a lifetime.

Of course, every woman has her budget but your wedding is not the time to go cheap on accessories.  Unlike most everything you’ll purchase for your wedding, our bridal jewelry designs are created with the thought that you can wear on multiple occasions including your honeymoon, anniversary and formal events.  Depending on the style and selection, you could even wear on an everyday basis and we could always make the necessary adjustments to ensure that your purchase last a lifetime.

What Do Semiprecious Stones on Your Jewelry Say About You?

Semiprecious Gemstone Style

In this world of fashion and style, we have come to realize that every customer has individuality especially in semiprecious gemstone jewelry preference and style.

We always say that our designs are as unique as the women who wear them because the clothes and accessories that you wear say a lot about you.  Some women prefer to be conservative with a simple pearl necklace, another may prefer a double or triple strand Freshwater Pearl necklace and another may prefer to be bold with a chunky styled faceted stone necklace.

Many believe that once you select an outfit that defines your mood that day. But the outfit you pick is predefined by your personality, because your personality influenced your decision when you chose to pick it up at the store. But did you know that the way your accessorize your outfit with necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings also speaks volumes about who you are as an individual ?

How to Clean Semiprecious Stones

Origins Bahamas Natural Stones

Freshwater Pearls, coral, opals, and lapis gemstones as an example are among the gemstones that are considered semiprecious.

Regular cleaning is part of taking care of semiprecious stones.

  • Clean organic gemstones like pearls, coral and amber by wiping them with a soft cloth after each wear to remove dust and body oils from the jewelry.
  • Be sure to always protect them from exposure to hairspray, perfume or cosmetics, as the chemicals can easily affect the quality of the gemstone over a period of time.
  • Protect your semiprecious gemstones by storing them in a jewelry box or in fabric pouches to avoid them from being being scratched by other pieces or metals.

Although some gemstones depending on their opacity, can absorb a small amount of liquid soap for cleaning, we at Origins Bahamas recommend using a soft cloth and plain running water to clean your stones.